Which One is Right for You- Floating Dock or Stationary Dock?

If you are currently looking to constructing a new dock at your waterfront home, you have quite a few options in the way of style and esthetics. But before getting started with your new dock construction, you will need to decide which type of dock will bestsuit your needs: a stationary dock or a floating dock? There are differences between the two and thedockyou choose can affect many things. So first, you must understand what are the basic differences both.

Floating dock as the name indicates rest on the surface of the water. Floating docks  are able to move on the surface of water with the shifting tide whereas stationary desks are built above the surface of water and tide with pillars that are buried deep into the lake bed.

If you belong to a homeowner’s association, you need to check the rules and regulations provided for your property.Some homeowner’s associations will have restrictions on what kind of docks they allow you to build. They may also have a size limit for your dock. You will also want tocheck with any local ordinances, albeit if you’re hiring a contractor toconstruct a dock, they should be able to take care of that for you and be aware of the laws.


Both floating and stationary docks are around the same price. However, price will vary depending on the material typethat you choose to construct your dock out of.Wood is one of the most common choices as it’s easy to install and it is also cheap. If you are looking for a dock that has a longer lifespan, then we recommend you to invest in a material that can withstand being submerged and exposed to water on a daily basis. Floating docks tend to deteriorate more rapidly, especially in the salt water, because of its constant surface exposure to water. On the contrary if you maintain your stationary dock properly, it can be expected to last 25-35 years.

Required Maintenance

The amount of maintenance in both types of docks will actually about the same and totally depends on the material that your dock consist of. If you are using a wooden material for your dock, then it requires an annual pressure wash. In addition, if there are any metal parts, they should be lubricated regularly to prevent rusting.

Lake Properties

If you are living in a high-traffic area where there are a large number of boats passing bringing frequent waves, a floating dock may not be the best choice for your property.Floating docks tend to not have as much stability as they are built to be fluid in movement with the water.


Floating docks are often associated with a lot of unwanted noises like splashing, banging and squeaking if they are put into an environment they were not built for such as a heavy wake zone.

These are some difference between floating docks and stationary docks. Now, you the knowledge to choose which one is right for you. Also, you can add dock lights and other accessories that will provide an eye-catching view of your waterfront.

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