Types of Cantilever Lifts and Their Benefits

Cantilever lifts are known to be the ideal choice to lift boats and pontoons. These types of boatlifts are reliable and simple in looks and are widely used to lift boats and pontoons to a great extent. These types of strong boatlifts come with great mechanical benefits and they make any process of lifting effortless.The cables are no longer capable to bear any weight when lift is raised up its full height. Apart from all the features discussed below, electric PWC lifts can also resist oxidation and ensure no rust and low maintenance because they are usually made of aluminum. Hence, you don’t need to paint them.

Types of Cantilever Lifts
There are different types of cantilever lifts available that are made by hydraulic lift manufacturers. You can choose from huge range of cantilever lifts available depending on your needs. Here are the common varieties of cantilever lifts –

Standard Cantilevers–These lifts are affordable and are widely used. They provide great performance and they are easy to use. They also come with cradles, self-adjusting keel protectors, manual winch and rubber end caps.

Hydraulic Cantilevers–These types of lifts are easy to use and they come with great convenience of remote control and hydraulic operations.

Wide and Long Model–These kinds of cantilever lifts come with great build quality. They are best suited to lift large pontoons.

Pontoon Rack Kits–They are usually installed along with common boat cradles. There are different options available like wooden kits and adjustable kits. You may also choose aluminum rack kits to lift pontoon decks.

Pontoon Beds–One can easily configure the standard cantilever lifts with carpeted wood bed and aluminum pontoon bed. This way, it allocates the pontoon’s weight evenly and protects it well.

Benefits of Cantilever Lifts
The benefits of these types of lifts are much similar to the main features asked by clients. The durability also reflects the quality of product along with the safety measures with its usage. Here are some of the features –

Made of Aluminum–Some of the lift makers only use a screw at risky pivot joints in their lifts. But these lifts are well planned with robust pivots and they have superb aluminum finish. On the other side, cantilever lifts are made of aluminum. Hence, they are stronger and sturdier than other types of lifts.

Damage-Proof–It is commonly known that defected lifts are likely to rupture or bend on regular usage. But cantilever lifts are made of genuine parts without any risk of damages. At the bottom, the crossbars are rock solid and they are installed well with large gussets to ensure greater stability and strength.

All in all, your choice relies on the major purpose of using your boat. No matter what you do, it is sure that your boat must be secured and undamaged. Renting may be an expensive affair. So, it is wise to buy the equipments on auctions or from online stores.
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